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Command Access Technologies ETH4W4545-626 CH-BB79 4FT Lead Energy Tranfer Hinge


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The Energy Transfer Hinge (ETH) is the ideal way to pass low voltage power from the hinge jamb to the lockset without having any exposed wires. These hinges are commonly used with electric mortise & cylindrical locks, electric strikes (when on a pair of doors), electric exit trims, latch pullback devices, door mounted card readers and low voltage door lights. We can modify almost any hinge and we maintain a large inventory of most major hinge brands in various sizes and finishes. 


The ETH and ETM hinges are used to pass low voltage power and/or signalling from a door frame to the door in order to power locksets, exit devices and door monitoring devices such as door position switches, request-to-exit switches, etc. ETM (Energy Transfer Monitor) hinges additionally provide a door position sensor in the hinge itself. The quantity and required gauge of wire depends on the hardware being used and the general purpose of the application.

Door Preparation:

The wire chase should be drilled with a 3/8” drill bit at the point noted on the hinge template. The ETH/ETM hinge should always be positioned as one of the center hinges on the door, since the modified hinge no longer meets manufacturers load bearing specifications. A starter hole of 3/4” Diameter x 1-1/2” deep is recommended for positioning the hinge wire (see note #1).

Frame Preparation:

Mark and drill hole to receive the wires from the ETH hinge (see note #1).


1. Be careful not to pinch wires when securing the hinge.

2. Do not allow the hinge to dangle by the wire during installation.