Falcon CB847 Core 7 Pin Uncombinated SFIC Core, 626 Finish


Multiple Options Available

Brand Falcon

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  • Compatible with Best Small Format I/C cores 
  • Cores supplied Uncombinated with no keys 
  • Best style capping 

Interchangeable core (I/C) offers maximum flexibility to the building owner. Whenever a key is lost or stolen, locks can be rekeyed quickly by non-locksmith personnel. All it takes is the special CONTROL key. This key is used to remove and install all cores in the system. Just go to the door, remove the old core and install the new one with the control key. Security is regained in seconds!


Falcon's interchangeable cores and I/C locksets are compatible with other small format interchangeable core (SFIC) products, such as Best and Arrow. Use our locks with their cores and viceversa. In most cases Falcon can even furnish cores master keyed into your existing Best or Arrow key system. Just include a copy of your existing bitting list with the order.