Locknetics Digital Keypad, Indoor/Surface Mount, DKP-165-S

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Features: Keypad programmable 480 user codes 1 to 6 digit user codes 4 independent outputs 4 independent timers 2 Form C relay contacts 2 solid state open collector outputs Program entry codes to activate one or two relays Disable input Door sense input Request-to-exit/enter input Keypad tamper lockout Timed anti-passback (Prevents using same code again before the programmed time elapses) Anti-tailgate Two LED status indicators (Green/Red and Yellow) Tactile key feel Audible code entry verification 12 or 24V, DC operation

Entry codes: 1) Up to 480 user entry codes 2) 1 to 6 digits user codes 3) can be programmed 4) Keypad users request access by entering their code 5) Users of the SDC have up to 40 seconds to key in their entry code 6) Up to eight seconds are allowed between each keystroke 7) All digits of the entry code must be entered. Example: if the code is 0042, the user must enter “0 0 4 2”. 8) If the wrong key is pressed, pressing the * key will reset the keypad 9) After a correct code is entered, the red indicator will turn green and the programmed relay will activate for the programmed time 10) If the number of incorrect codes entered exceeds the keypad lockout count, the yellow indicator will light, indicating that the keypad is locked out. 11) The lockout will remain for one minute 12) After a valid code has been entered, it will be unusable until the anti-pass back time expires. 13) They can activate either, or both of the relay outputs 14) The EEPROM memory retains all entry codes and programming, even without power. 15) An internal jumper is provided to reset the master code

Brand Schlage Electronics

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The DKP-165 Series is a digital, code-operated keypad for access control or for remote-control applications. Operating on 12/24VDC, the DKP-165 Series purpose is to keep unauthorized people off restricted premises, while permitting authorized people to enter. When any one of the correct codes is identified by the keypad, it energizes a relay which unlocks a door or performs any desired switching functions.

Surface Mount, 480 users with timed anti-pass back, 1 to 6 digit user code, Illuminated Keypad